Dental Implants Complete Wedding Bliss

brideDental Implants Newport News VA dentist Dr. Griffin wants to share why bridal patients could change the best day of their lives with dental implants.

There is so much preparation that goes into the biggest day of your life, every detail must be perfect, so why forget your teeth? Smiles are one of the biggest parts of this occasion and having a healthy smile with dental implants can remove so much unnecessary stress. Especially in candid photos, where your smile is not prepared, or your missing spaces are exposed. The last thing you want is for unhealthy teeth or missing teeth to be displayed in the pictures you will look at the rest of your life. We highly suggest to brides that they fill these spaces with the titanium, non-decay material dental implants that can work for years to restore their dental and oral health.

Now, for patients who are not aware, you must possess an adequate amount of tissue in the gum region, as well as the jawbone, in order to qualify initially for dental implants. Many different factors can complicate this though, including cigarette smoking, alcoholism or drinking issues, missing teeth and so much more. Fortunately for these brides, and their grooms, Dr. Griffin offers supplemental procedures that help to rebuild and restrengthen these oral regions and increase patients’ chances of qualifying for successful dental implants.

Soft Tissue Augmentation

This is a quick and simple procedure that is recommended to patients that lack an adequate amount of tissue in the gum region due to oral neglect, missing teeth, gum disease, smoking habits, or so much more. During this procedure, Dr. Griffin either will extract the excess tissue from the roof of the patient’s mouth or use a donor’s bone to rebuild and reconstruct the oral region. Although this surgery is far less taxing than the bone grafting procedure, mentioned below, the completion of this integration is vital to the success rate of the dental implants.

Bone Graft

There are times when patients suffer from gum disease or eroded gum tissue and experience the physical destruction or deterioration of their jawbone. Now for brides, this can be quite a significant difference in pictures considering this can lead to facial deformation, so we definitely suggest that patients receive a bone grafting procedure immediately. This is bone tissue transplant in which the dentist replaces the fractured or damaged bone with new and healthy osseous tissue. This procedure gives patients the option to choose to use their own bone, a donor’s bone, or even healthy animal bone to rebuild and restrengthen the structure of their jawbone. Generally patients need at least 4-6 months to heal and fully recover from this surgery, however, once this is complete, the new jawbone becomes completely integrated into the patient’s mouth.

Dental Implants

Whether our bridal patients need either or both of these procedures done to qualify for dental implants, they are well worth their wait and cost. Dental implants are able to provide brides with, not only healthy and complete smiles, but protection from gum disease while maintaining and increasing the density in teeth over time. These implants work to restore dental and oral health through the protection of remaining teeth, jawbone structure, and gum tissue while increasing the density in the patient’s teeth. Dental implants are permanent and, with the proper care, can last a lifetime.

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From floral arrangements to saying yes to the dress, wedding details must be exact and precise, just like dental implants. Each dental implant is sized and matched to the bride’s natural teeth to ensure the look, fit and feel of her new smile. We suggest dental implants to all brides before the biggest day of their lives due to their comfortable, permanent and long- lasting ability to function just as well as real teeth. Call us today to schedule your dental implant consultation with Dr. Griffin at (757) 745-1003.