Fill Your Belly at Smoke BBQ Restaurant and Bar in Newport News

Smoked ribs at Smoke BBQ Restaurant and Bar in Newport News.Dr. William Griffin, here, writing a restaurant review on a place that I found in my hunt for the best local restaurants in Newport News, VA. Only at this restaurant you’re allowed to eat with your hands. In fact, it would be frowned upon if you didn’t.

As far as the South goes, Virginia isn’t necessarily a top-player when it comes to BBQ. Well, look out North Carolina, because I recently went to a BBQ joint right here in Newport News that would give even the best hole-in-the-wall BBQ in the deep south a run for its money.

You know a BBQ place is going to be good when you can smell the sweet hard wood smoke wafting through the air, as you pull in the parking lot.

That’s just what happened when I pulled into Smoke BBQ Restaurant in the Warwick Village Shopping Center in Newport News. The smoky smell outside was already enough to have my mouth watering.

When you walk inside, the bar and restaurant is a pretty cozy space with rustic and quaint decorations. Like a modern take on the BBQ shacks you see curbside a dirt road in Alabama. We were greeted in a polite and congenial manner that was a reoccurring theme through to the entire meal’s service.

At Smoke BBQ, I got a down-home feeling, without the cheap ingredients that are typically used in the roadside BBQ restaurants. I could tell they didn’t get their ribs from the butcher at Piggly Wiggly, and definitely didn’t skimp on the quality of their ingredients.

I ordered the rib platter that came with pulled chicken, baked beans, and herb roasted mashed potatoes. At first I was a little worried that the place was over-priced, but once I got my humongous portion, I knew it’d be worth it for the leftovers.

The rib meat was fall off the bone tender. I could tell that these guys knew their stuff. It definitely wasn’t rushed, because it tasted just like the smoky smells outside. These ribs had to have been slow smoking all morning under a nice low temperature.

There were four different flavor sauces on the table, but the ribs didn’t even need a sauce. They were smoky and flavorful enough. I devoured by ribs like an animal, leaving only a plate of bones.

The pulled chicken was good, as well, but definitely not at the same caliber as the ribs. I combined the sweet and spicy BBQ sauces for the chicken, which gave it a little more flavor.  

The beans were nice and tangy, as they should be. Although, nothing about the baked beans really stood out to me.

The ribs were definitely the star of the show. By the time I got to my mashed potatoes, I was already beyond full, but I still had to give them a taste.

I could tell that some TLC went into making the potatoes. They definitely didn’t lack any flavor. I ended up getting a to-go box for the mashed potatoes and enjoyed them again the next day for leftovers.

Smoke BBQ definitely didn’t leave me hungry or disappointed. The only complaint was that my corn muffin was a little bit cold. However, they were still a good flavor, and by that time I was so full that I knew I’d be reheating it for leftovers anyways.

I’d definitely go to Smoke BBQ restaurant again, maybe next time I’ll split my meal, so that I don’t have to loosen my belt buckle from the portion size. With that being said, if you’re in the Newport News or Hampton area, make your way over to Smoke BBQ for a good home-cooked meal.

But don’t forget to floss afterward, BBQ has a way of getting stuck in your teeth. And don’t forget to keep checking out my blog for more local restaurant raves.