Dental Implants Newport News for Menopause Patients

denture-slider3Dental Implants Newport News VA dentist Dr. Joe Griffin shares with patients that suffer from menopause why dental implants can help save their gums and teeth from bone deficiency and gum disease.

Unfortunately for patients that are experiencing menopause, bone deficiency and gum disease can become serious consequences. Despite this discouraging lack of hormones throughout the month, Dr. Griffin has a solution for women that are developing gum issues or losing teeth: dental implants.

Women that are in menopause can potentially lose 40% of their total bone mass, this includes the jawbone as well as the spine and hips. For patients that do not know, there must be a sufficient amount of bone tissue in the jaw and gum tissue for the patient to successfully receive dental implants. Considering this mensutral cycle can cause a deficiency in both, soft tissue augmentation and bone grafts can be utilized to help patients increase their chances to qualify.

Soft tissue augmentations are simple and quick procedures in which the dentist either removes excess tissue from the roof of the mouth or uses donor tissue to rebuild the structure and strength of the gum region. This hour long procedure only takes patients a few days to a week to recover and heal from, but patients must make sure to adhere to the dentist’s instructions during this period. Unfortunately, there is a major link between women in menopause and gum disease, so patients really need to make sure that they regulating their gum health during these cycles.

A bone graft procedure is a bone tissue transplant that replaces the patient’s fractured and damaged bone with new and healthy osseous tissue. The new jawbone naturally integrates over a period ranging from 3-4 months and actually functions just as well as the patient’s original jawbone. Either the patients own bone can be used, or they can choose to utilize animal or donor bone. Menopause and osteoporosis victims can benefit from this procedure due to their rapid bone loss. This procedure generally takes a few weeks to a month for patients to physically recover from, but can significantly improve their chances for qualifying for the dental implants.

Why Dental Implants?

Dental Implants possess the ability to function as real teeth in the mouth through a process called osseointegration. Osseointegration is the natural fusion of the titanium screws into the patient’s jawbone over a 4-6 month period, to allow for permanent implantation of the non decay materials. Once this process is completed, the dental implants can actually function just as well, if not better, than the patient’s original teeth. Dental implants are able to protect the patient from developing gum disease and can even increase density in the teeth over time, they are the perfect choice for women losing teeth to menopause or osteoporosis.

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Patients suffering from these awful menstrual inconveniences should seriously consider dental implants over other tooth loss solutions. They have the ability to prevent these women from developing diseases in the gums and can even increase the density of the jaw and teeth over time. Call us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Griffin today at (757) 745-1003.