Dental Implant Financing in Newport News, VA

Here at City Center Dental Care, we do our best to make the process of dental implants as convenient and as affordable as we can for our patients. Necessary or vital dental work should not be ignored due to financial issues. The staff here will contact your insurance provider to ensure that all benefits and options that you possess are valued and applied to your payment process. In addition to this, we will electronically submit your personal claim to insurance providers that accept the particular type of submission.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

The cost of the dental implants reflects how many you need, if you have passed as an initial candidate, and if you need to use anesthesia during the procedure. If a patient has not passed for dental implants initially, bone or tissue grafts may be needed to restrengthen the jawbone or gum tissue; these factors can add to the cost and the healing time the patient is required to recover. Considering this, the cost of the dental implant procedure in addition to whatever supplemental procedures are required, varies each time and cannot be generally estimated. To discuss a specific and personalized cost, call us to set up a consultation with Dr. Griffin today.

The Longer You Wait…

The more time that goes by that patients continue to neglect their oral and dental health, the higher the cost will be once they finally decide to fix the problem. Spaces can turn into gaps which can speed up the process of tooth decay and eventually teeth can fall out altogether. Treating a somewhat unhealthy tooth is much cheaper than filling in one completely.

If you have turned to dentures or dental bridges in the past, trade them in for dental implants while you still can. Unlike dental implants, dentures and bridges can create further decay and tooth loss because the devices are not naturally embedded into the mouth. Due to the continued destruction predicted with these devices in the mouth, the estimated future cost necessary to save dental health and hygiene of a patient in the future is drastically increased. To read more about the damage these alternative “solutions” create, visit our Dental Implants Vs. Dentures page.

Disbursement Plans

Dr. Griffin is more than happy to work out a personalized payment process with each customer that needs and wants a beautiful, healthy and complete smile. At City Center Dental Care, we work with CareCredit, a company that provides patients with assistance and patience regarding costs of medical treatments that may not be covered by insurance providers.

Accepted Payment Forms

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express

We also accept personal checks and work willingly with patients that collect future reimbursement from their insurance carriers. No matter what financial situations that our patients experience, oral and dental health should never suffer as a result. We are here to help, no matter the circumstances.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Here at City Center Dental Care in Newport News, VA we are committed to working through all financial situations in order to have more beautiful and healthy smiles in the world. Call us today to schedule a consultation and come get an educated estimation of your personalized dental implant process. Dr. Griffin can also discuss the various payment options with you personally to ensure you are comfortable and committed to the process chosen. We can be reached at 757-873-3001