Dental Implants vs Dentures

Dental Implants Vs. Dentures in Newport News, VA

Not only are dental implants the most natural and successful solution for a missing tooth or teeth, but unlike dentures and dental bridges, they work to restore oral health over time. Dentures and dental bridges can actually cause further destruction and decay in the teeth and gums that patients may already be experiencing. Dr. Griffin wants to educate patients and future patients on why dental implants are the best and most reliable solution for patients that have missing spaces in their mouths.

Putting A Dent In the Bridge

Dentures are removable plates or frames that hold one or more teeth in the mouth. For years people thought the fact that you could take these out whenever you pleased was convenient and simple, but it actually can create oral issues that are hard to repair. When a patient takes the dentures out of the mouth and re- places them, they never seem to fit quit right. Over years dentures will slip out of place, which cause the gums to sag and deteriorate; the more loose the gums are, the easier they will recede from the teeth and expose the tooth roots.

When plaque and bacteria are able to get directly into the roots of the teeth, they decay and will eventually fall out of the mouth. Dentures also cause bone density in the neighboring teeth to decrease which will begin to erode the weakened and vulnerable teeth and makes the patient much more susceptible to losing those teeth as well. If the vicious cycle of dentures continues to repeat, the patient will not ever have the proper oral function they once maintained and will need extensive oral and dental surgeries to recover from this.

Dental bridges are not much better. Although bridges are not removable, they require the filing down of the neighboring teeth when they are first put in the mouth. The doctor files the teeth and ruins the enamel in order to ensure a tight fit, but causes teeth to weaken and become brittle in the process. At least every 10 years a patient is expected to replace dental bridges which speed up the process of tooth erosion significantly.

Dental Implants Reign Supreme

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are placed in spaces in the mouth in order to help prevent gum disease and further tooth decay. Through the natural and biocompatible process of osseointegration, the titanium alloy that is placed in the jawbone, fuses to become an actual part of the oral cavity. The placement of the dental implant works to increase overall bone density by helping the patient chew in the area that they have neglected to use due to the lack of tooth or teeth. When we do not use certain parts of the mouth to bite and chew, the tissue in these areas becomes weakened, vulnerable and can deteriorate altogether.

Dental implants have the ability to provide better oral and dental health for patients until their last breath as long as they commit to maintaining their hygiene and health on a daily basis. Considering dental implants are just as strong as natural teeth, after the process of osseointegration has completed, we expect patients to brush and floss at least 2-3 times a day.

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