How to Choose a Dental Implant Provider

When selecting a dentist for your dental implantation process, you need to make sure that you are choosing someone that is qualified, caring and professional. These words describe Dr. Griffin perfectly, as he has dedicated his life to providing successful dental implants to create healthy smiles.

What Questions Should You Be Asking


What are the Dentist’s qualifications? Have they continued their dental education after school? Has the Dentist delivered dental implants successfully?

Dr. William Griffin has been serving the Newport News area since 1983, changing lives and smiles. At City Center Dental Care, Dr. Griffin and his staff offer various dental treatments that help to restore smiles and rebuild dental and oral health. City Center Dental Care has captured the hearts of the Virginia Peninsula with their outstanding and undeniable quality work.


Has the Dentist acquired certifications that determine the quality of their work?

Dr. Griffin values education to this day and is very involved with the dental community. After graduating from the University of Notre Dame, Dr. Griffin acquired a doctorate of dental surgery at the Medical College of Virginia, where he taught pediatric dentistry. Dr. Griffin has obtained memberships in the Peninsula Dental Society, American Dental Association, and the Virginia Dental Association.

As a man of religion and God, Dr. Griffin is a member of the Christian Dental Society and Christian Medical- Dental Associations and values these beliefs.

IV Sedation

Does the Dentist offer sedation dentistry to ensure the comfortability of the patient?

Dr. Griffin offers sedation dentistry to reduce feelings of anxiety and fear pending a dental procedure. This option allows patients to relax and sleep throughout the dental surgeries while under the proper dose of anesthesia, and feel relieved and safe after they utilize this advantage. The technology and sedative agents that are used throughout this option are clinically proven to be safe and effective.


Is there a dedicated site in which the Dentist delivers dental procedures?

City Center Dental Care has been changing lives and smiles of patients in the Newport News area for over 20 years. Ranging from TMJ and sleep apnea treatment to the convenience of Invisalign, Dr. Griffin and his staff do everything they can to recreate healthy and happy smiles. For more than two decades, patients receive quality dental care with professional and elite standards.