Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants in Newport News?

Here at City Center Dental Care, Dr. William Griffin offers a variety of procedures to help patients achieve a better and more stable dental future. One of these options is dental implantation; a process that can be a good solution for people with a missing tooth or teeth. Although, some patients may not “qualify” for this procedure due to several reasons. Let us help you determine whether or not you will qualify for dental implants by reading below.

What Does the “Ideal Candidate” Look Like?

Our ideal candidate will possess good overall health and has taken care of their oral and dental health on a regular basis. A patient that has a healthy structure of bone in the jaw will have a greater chance of success for dental implantation. Having a sufficient amount, strength, and structure of bone in the jaw is essential to the permanent placement of dental implants.

What Can Disqualify My Candidacy?

Unfortunately not all patients will pass the initial examination for dental implants. Some factors that prevent patients from receiving these right away are insufficient jawbone structure or strength, suffering from any eating disorders, alcoholism, periodontal disease, and especially smokers.

Smoker’s Smaller Chance

Some doctors will refuse to treat smokers that decline to quit for any dental procedures due to the excessive destruction that cigarettes can do to the gums, teeth and jaw. Our candidates that will qualify for dental implants generally do not smoke or will at least quit to save their oral and overall health. The hot cooking of tar and chemicals in the mouth that we call smoking, causes periodontal disease that eats away gum tissue and erodes the teeth and jaw over time. In order for a person to be able to have any of the supplemental procedures performed (bone graft and soft tissue augmentation) to get dental implants in the future, they should not smoke. Repairing the tissue and bone in the mouth while continuing to smoke is a waste of money and time for the patient. Just be aware that this habit can inhibit your candidacy for these procedures and the patient is better off quitting.

How Can I Qualify?

If you experience any habits that can disqualify you from being initially cleared for dental implants, there are a few options patients have to increase their chances of success in the future. Patients suffer from jawbone loss or gum deterioration on quite a regular basis, so it is not at all uncommon for someone to need oral repair before they are able to get dental implants. We have two great options that can help regain strength in the jaw and gums for patients that neglected to regulate their oral health.

Bone Grafting

A bone graft is a bone tissue transplant in which the doctor replaces the damaged and fractured osseous tissue with new and healthy bone. Patients are given the option to remove a small amount of bone from a region like the hip or even from animals with healthy bone, such as a cow. Once the healthy bone is placed in the jaw, a process called guided tissue regeneration will fool the body into believing that this is the natural jawbone. Over time the graft will absorb in the jaw and regenerate the bone to create a new, healthy and strong jawbone structure. To explore this option further, visit our Bone Graft page.

Soft Tissue Augmentation

Sometimes patients have only suffered from deterioration of the gum tissue, and not the jaw. In order for dental implantation to be successful, there must also be a sufficient amount of tissue in the gums to keep the implants in place. During this simple procedure, the doctor will gently remove tissue from the roof of the mouth and place it in the lower gum layer to build up the amount of tissue available.

City Center Dental Care Knows Best

Dr. William Griffin and his amazing staff may be able to provide you with the steps required to regain your chance of candidacy for dental implants. Whether you need a bone graft procedure or a soft tissue augmentation, Dr. Griffin can help with either; we would be more than happy to set you up with the necessary appointments in order to get you on the right track to restoring your dental, oral and overall health.

Call us today for us a free consultation at 757-745-1003. To get a more personal feel for our quality service, feel free to visit our testimonials page to read about our happy and satisfied patients.