Snacks to Avoid at the Movie Theaters

Friends snacking in movie theaterThis summer, millions will flock to the movie theaters to escape the heat in a big, air-conditioned auditorium to view the latest summer blockbusters. Whether you’re watching the action-packed movie, Jurassic World, or the kid-friendly movie, Minions, you’ll probably want to munch on a few snacks. Although movie theater snacks are tasty, they are also very damaging for your teeth. In truth, nearly every snack you’d typically have at a movie theater is bad for your teeth. In some instances, there are a few snacks that can actually crack your teeth. If that were the case, dental implants are a great option for those who lose a tooth. Today, Dr. Griffin is blogging from Newport News, VA to explains which snacks to avoid at the movie theaters for the sake of your dental health.

Snack Safely this Summer

Some of the most popular snacks to have while at the movie theaters are the absolute worst for your teeth. Each time you go to the movies this summer you may unknowingly be causing irreversible damage to your smile. Here are a few of the movie theater snacks you should avoid to keep your smile healthy.

Hard Candy: Pretty much any type of candy can be damaging for your oral health. The sugar from candy will actually mix with bacteria in your mouth to create an acidic substance that will eat away at your tooth enamel. Hard candy can be even more damaging than softer candy because the duration the food is in your mouth. Instead of eating and swallowing, hard candy will stay in the mouth for longer and repeatedly attack your tooth enamel.

Soda: Soda is bad for your teeth because reasons similar to candy. The high sugar content will create the acidic substance and eat away at enamel. The best thing you can do is avoid sodas all together, but use a straw if you choose to drink sodas. Drinking soda with a straw will minimize contact between soda and teeth, minimizing the corrosive effects.

Popcorn: This treat is a staple for many people when they go to the movie theater, but it’s also horrible for oral health. Popcorn has a tendency to get wedged between teeth and if it’s not removed, bacteria can fester to cause more serious issues. There is also the possibility of cracking a tooth if you accidentally munch on an unpopped kernel.

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Go ahead and enjoy all of the great summer movies out this season! Remember to keep your oral health in mind when picking out snacks to munch on while watching movies. If you already suffer from missing teeth or happen to lose a tooth this summer, contact our office. Don’t let your missing teeth hold you back from feeling confident. Call our office to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation to start your dental implant process today.