Pollution In Your Mouth

oil changeDr. Griffin is blogging today from Newport News, VA to tell us the negative effects that pollution have on our dental health and how dental implants could be the perfect solution for these dental hygiene issues. Pollution is killing our beautiful planet Earth, but it is also wreaking havoc on our teeth in the process. Did you know that the combination of acidic air and heavy metal poisoning in the world ruins not only the enamel on our teeth but our actual teeth as well?

Simply from the exhaust of cars, highly acidic and dangerous air is produced by the accumulation of gasses in the air mixed with water. The small splashes of acid suspend into the air which makes it easy for us to inhale these toxins on a daily basis. The most common acids swimming in our air are sulfuric and hydrochloric acid; these tend to show the most damage or discoloration of our front teeth. Just as bacteria can ruin our oral cavity hygiene, this acid causes our teeth to deteriorate.

Considering we live in such an industrial environment, metal is everywhere. But heavy metals can potentially cause the erosion of our teeth as well; these can be detected in our air, food and several other sources. Metal amalgam, also known as mercury, is not directly responsible for the destruction of our teeth but can lead to excessive chewing and bruxism, teeth- grinding. These metals end up weakening the enamel on our teeth which makes our teeth more vulnerable to infections and diseases.

Another place that mercury can be found is in the dentist office, in the form of a tooth filling. When amalgam fillings are placed in our removed from teeth, they can release a small amount of mercury vapor. Amalgam can also release small amounts of mercury vapor during chewing, and people can absorb these vapors by inhaling or ingesting them. High levels vapor exposure are associated with adverse effects in the brain and the kidneys. At our practice we have tooth- colored fillings that do not have any mercury content in them so you would not need to stress over this exposure.

If you have been exposed to any or all of these harmful substances, which most of us have, you may need dental work done. If we do not properly care for our teeth after being exposed to and breathing in these dangerous chemicals, we could potentially ruin our teeth for good. People that have discoloration or tooth decay as result of excess exposure to mercury or acidic air particles could benefit from our dental implant procedure. Want to learn more about dental implants? Visit our Dental Implants Info page to find out if you are a good candidate.

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If you have been exposed to too many chemicals from the pollutants in the air, your teeth are suffering as a result. Whether you need to replace or save your teeth, dental implants can allow you to save your dental hygiene and have a great and pollutant- free smile again. Call us today at 757- 745- 1003.