The History of Dental Implants

Tooth implantChances are you wouldn’t be able to see a difference when looking at a smile with all natural teeth and a smile with dental implants. That shouldn’t surprise you considering how far dental technology has come within the past 100 years. Dental implants today are a far cry from the primitive beginnings of tooth restoration. Today, the dental implant process gives patients a smile that looks, act and feels just like natural teeth. If you suffer from missing or failing teeth, consider dental implants as your perfect solution. We offer top-of-the-line dental implants to give patients a beautiful, healthy smile they can feel confident with. With technology to create restorations that look just like natural teeth and the fusion of implants to the jawbone, dental implants are more like your natural smile than ever before. Today, Dr. William Griffin is blogging from Newport News, VA to explain the evolution of dental implants.

Primitive Dental Implants

Tooth loss has been an issue that humans have dealt with for thousands of years. In primitive times, it was even more essential to have teeth to survive with less options for food available. Tooth restorations have been found to date all the way back to 600 A.D when archeologists found dental implant attempts from the Mayan Civilization. Other early attempts at tooth restoration were found in ancient China with bamboo pegs for missing teeth, in Egypt with a copper peg hammered into the Egyptian king’s upper jawbone and in France with an iron false tooth found in a Celtic grave. Other material used for dental implants range from jade to seashells. Historians even report that people would often use teeth from animals or teeth bought from the poor to replace their lost teeth. Major advancements in dental implants didn’t come until 1950s.

Modern Dental Implants

Experimentation with dental implants continued using golds and alloys, but resulted with little success. Dental implants weren’t a successful method for restoring teeth until the discovery of osseointegration, the fusion of implants to the jawbone, that occurred much later. In 1952, an orthopedic surgeon noticed that a titanium cylinder healed so close to the bone that it actually fused. The success of titanium fusion to the bone is the very foundation of modern dental implant success. Dental implants were first suggested for those who lost all of their teeth and had a hard time with dentures. Eventually, dental implants became an option for anyone suffering from tooth loss by being an option for single or multiple missing teeth. Restorations today come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors to perfectly resemble your natural teeth. Thanks to osseointegration, dental implants are the most advanced solution for missing teeth and in most cases have a very high long-term success with a success rate above 90%.

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