Healthy Mouth with Dental Implants

Dental implants go into the root of the problem to provide patients with many benefits.Dental implants has been gaining popularity among missing teeth patients because it offers them a permanent solution to their missing teeth ailments.  Unlike dentures that only provide a covering for the missing gap, dental implants will go into bone tissue and fuse with it to become a permanent part of your body. This process is called osseosintegration which strengthens weak jawbones and promotes oral health. Dental implants can provide patients with many benefits that satisfy emotional and physical needs.



One of the most attractive features of dental implant its its natural looking appearance.  Dental implant are comprised of three parts: the titanium implant, abutment, and the prosthetic crown.  These parts together work to make dental implants as strong and durable as real teeth.  In addition they feel like real teeth and upkeep for them only requires brushing and flossing with the occasional in-office visits to make sure things are going well.

Oral Health

Missing teeth patients know all too well the negative effects of having missing teeth.  Many experience a loss of bone in their jaw and a shrinkage in their gums. Through osseointegration, dental implants can permanently fuse into the bone tissue and solidify the area to promote strength and oral health.

Durability and Oral Function

Dental implants are built to last and allow patients to eat more of the foods they once enjoyed with their teeth. Oral function is probably the most attractive feature that is offered. Other teeth replacement options do not offer patients complete oral function.  Dentures, even though may provide an aesthetic function, does not allow patients the ability to eat many foods because of the risk of chipping or cracking. Dentures also can slip out when a person is talking, which can be very embarrassing.


Dental implants allow patients to feel as though they have real teeth because they are permanently in your oral anatomy. They do not slip out like dentures and will last you for the rest of you life.

No cavities

Dental implants although does require thorough cleaning and preventing of plaque buildup, cannot acquire tooth decay.  Cleaning your teeth and implants are very important to ward off bacterial infections.

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