Heal Denture Damage With Dental Implants

Portrait of beautiful girl with perfect smile. Isolated on whiteDr. William Griffin of Newport News, VA is here blogging today to explain the negative effects that dentures have on the teeth and gums and how dental implants can work to naturally restore oral and dental health. Did you know that dentures can make oral health uncomfortable and potentially destroy teeth? Here, at City Center Dental Care in Newport News,VA we want to educate our patients why dental implants are much more sensible when compared to dentures.

Dentures can actually make the gums sag and loosen over a period of years. When the devices are moved from the mouth and re- placed continuously it causes them to slip out of place and lose their firm grip in the mouth. When the dentures are not fitting well, the gums slide out of place as well and the tissue begins to sag. If you do not already know, damaged gum tissue can create many different dental, oral and overall health issues. When the gums are irritated, the will begin to bleed, change color and recede from the teeth; creating large gaps that open up pathways to the tooth roots. When bacteria and plaque eat away at the gum tissue and the patients continue to chew with the damaged surface, the damage could eventually sink down to the jaw bone and affect the patient’s ability to chew altogether. Not only will this affect the patient’s facial structure and skin, but also their ability to get dental implants in the future. Just beware that gum disease has been directly linked to heart disease and brain damage through the inflammation in the mouth; this can create higher risks of developing strokes and heart attacks.

Not only do dentures create the demolition of the gum tissue but they also have a huge part in the acceleration of tooth erosion. When the dentures slip out of the place and the patient cannot get a firm bite on the substance, the jaw and remaining teeth must compensate for this. Eventually the teeth become vulnerable and weak, which causes them to be much more susceptible to decay and may even fall out over time. When the density in the teeth is diminished it elevates the risk of further tooth loss significantly which would cause the patient to resort to getting more dentures in the future. The longer the dentures stay in the mouth, the less likely the patient will be able to recover their oral and dental health over time.

As the direct opposite of this, dental implants work to restore oral and dental health naturally and help to prevent gum disease. As you know, spaces in the mouth can be very dangerous and make the mouth much more prone to developing infection and disease, but dental implants can help by covering the surface spaces, while helping the surrounding teeth from decay as well. Through the process of osseointegration, the mouth accepts the dental implants as natural teeth which helps to increase the bone density in the remaining teeth and restrengthen the teeth altogether.

The process of dental implants can range anywhere from 6-9 months, depending on the amount of implants needed and physical state of the jaw bone. As we discussed earlier, in order to get the dental implants placed in the mouth successfully, the patient must have a sufficient amount, strength, and structure in the jaw. If they have suffered severe damage in the jaw bone they will need to schedule a bone graft; a bone graft procedure is a bone tissue transplant in which the doctor replaces the fractured and damage osseous tissue with new and healthy bone. Considering this process is quite taxing on the patient and the jaw itself, the recovery period following this is vital to the reconstruction of the jaw; this normally ranges from 3-5 months, depending on the damage.

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