Is Food Getting Lodged In Your Dental Implant?

歯が痛い男性Dental Implants Newport News VA dentist Dr. Griffin shares some reasons that food may be getting stuck in between your dental implant and gum tissue.

Although it can be annoying and irritating when patients experience pressure or pain in the region of their dental implants, it is imperative that you call your dentist right away. Most likely there is food lodged in between the gum tissue and dental implant or between the implant piece and abutment. Failing to address this concern can result is an abscess, infection or complete failure of the dental implant or implants.

Now, we assume you are wondering why this occurring, so we have composed a few reasons below that might explain this discomfort.

The Implant May Be Positioned Poorly

There is a chance that your dentist placed the dental implant improperly, which we understand is frustrating. After months of preparation and supplemental surgeries, you just want your dental implants to succeed and provide you with better oral and dental health. Fortunately, Dr. Griffin has been performing this procedure for years successfully and can help immediately. In this case, there are two options, depending on how awful the positioning is. The first is that the implant will have to be re- customized and replaced, however, severe circumstances warrant the complete removal of the implant or implants. If patients need to resort to this action, they may need to wait up to a year to receive the treatment again.

The Dentist May Have Used Stock Abutments

Stock refers to the term basic, meaning your dentist used a dental implant that was not customized to your oral cavity. These abutments do not provide the same benefits or gum tissue support that the unique, personalized implants do. This can happen quite often and is almost guaranteed to fail. Dr. Griffin may need to remove the implant, but most likely he will be able to create a personal abutment size for the patient that will prevent the food from trapping in the two areas.

Poorly Fitting Crowns

It is imperative that crowns fit in the patients’ mouths, when this does not happen, the patient has a high risk of developing gaps between the elements where food can get stuck. This particular gap can be the most harmful considering the health of the gum tissue is at stake, as well as the success of the dental implant. When patients get food particles stuck in this area, their risks of developing gum diseases and infections increases, if they do not see their dentist immediately.

The Implant May Be Too Small

There are cases in which the dental implants can lack the proper width when compared to the sizing of the natural tooth, which can create the issue of food entrapment. Dr. Griffin can easily just measure the neighboring teeth and recreate a customized porcelain crown that fits more comfortably in the patient’s mouth. However, if the dental implant is significantly too small, it may require the entire removal and replacement of a new dental implant.

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There are several different reasons that patients are developing a food collection around their dental implants or between the abutment and crown. However, no matter what the reason, patients must contact their dentist immediately. Failure to address these concerns in a timely manner could mean the loss of the dental implant or implants, so Dr. Griffin highly suggests that you call us immediately if you are experiencing any of these mentioned above. If you are interested in getting dental implants to fill in the spaces between your gums, call us today to schedule your dental implant consultation at (757) 745-1003.