Fill Your Empty Gums With Dental Implants

scaredDr. William Griffin of City Center Dental Care in Newport News, VA explains how dental implants can be used to fill empty smiles that are suffering from or have suffered from severe gum disease.  Are you a victim of severe gum disease that has caused you to lose an entire row or rows of teeth? Do not worry, here at City Center Dental Care in Newport News, VA we can still provide you with a beautiful and complete smile with Dental Implants. This will be a professional and permanent smile that you can enjoy chewing and drinking with again. The best part about this smile, in your case, is that it can protect you from further oral issues like gum disease or worse.

Some easy indications that you are suffering from Periodontitis are: bleeding gums, display of a dark red color in the gums, experiencing pain when you chew, sensitive or loose teeth, and recession of the gums. If you see any of this in the mirror and you have consulted your doctor already, get set up with dental implants today. If you neglect to take care of this issue, your jaw bone could also become a victim; which can sink and deform your facial appearance.

If you did not already know, someone with severe jaw bone damage does not qualify as an initial candidate for the dental implant procedure; they must have a bone graft scheduled. A bone graft is a bone tissue transplant where the doctor will replace the fractured and damaged tissue with healthy and new osseous tissue that will restrengthen the jaw over time. This takes at least 3-5 months to recover from for the jaw to reurn back to its usual comfort level.

Missing just one tooth can be extremely harmful to the overall health of the mouth, but having an entire row or chunk of teeth missing can be detrimental to your health as a living person. As you may know already, missing teeth can easily lead to gum disease and gum disease is no cake walk. What a lot of people do not know though is that gum disease can lead to damage in the heart and brain. If you are a victim of gum disease, consult your doctor immediately to take the proper steps to conquering this horrible disease.

The inflammation in the mouth, that occurs from gum disease, can cause inflamed blood vessels that end up affecting the brain tissue and venules in the heart. When the brain tissue becomes swollen, as you can imagine, this can easily create high risks of strokes and permanent brain damage. When the pathways of blood are blocked or clogged, it makes the heart work harder to get blood and oxygen to and from the body; this generates severe risk of heart attacks and high blood pressure. The best way to avoid developing these diseases in this case is to care take of your teeth, mouth and gums. Both of these instances can be fatal to patients and we do our best to help you avoid these horrible diseases, with dental implants.

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