Dental Implants for the New Year

Dental implants will help boost your self confidence in your oral appearance.Dental implants for the holiday season is a smart investment because it will bring you oral health and function, but it will also give you a brand new smile that you can flaunt to your family and friends.  Missing teeth can be hard to deal with because of appearances, but also because it will affect your self esteem. Talking can be difficult and eating certain foods can be painful.  This can lead to malnutrition or other complications that may affect your overall body. Dental implants can provide patients with a variety of benefits that other teeth replacement options cannot meet. For example, dentures provide patients with an external covering to fill up the missing tooth gap. They however are prone to breakage, chips, and staining or discoloration. Let this new year start of with a bang and start restoring your oral heath and feeling better about your oral appearance.

Holiday Treats with Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most reliable and popular teeth replacement option available for missing teeth patients. This is because they permanently fuse into your oral anatomy.  Through the process of osseointegration, the titanium implant is able to naturally combine with the bone tissue to become a part of your body. This allows the oral anatomy to gain strength and oral function. Oral function is very important because it encompasses the abilities of eating and speaking. These two things are vital to our way of life and plays a big part in who we are. Speaking can be very difficult for people who do not have a set of full teeth, and pronouncing words can be difficult.  In turn, you may not sound as intelligent as you are and other people may unfairly judge your intelligence based on your manner of speaking. We live in a judgement based society, where we hold appearances as a indicator of who a person is. This is not always the case, but people judge people regardless. Dental implants cannot give you a higher self confidence, but it can help you feel better about your appearance, which will cause you to feel more confident and allow you to gain confidence in yourself and who you are.  Employers even judge us based on appearances. Usually if a person who has no teeth, doesn’t present themselves with confidence and this can be taken as a sign of a lack of motivation.  With a set of new and strong teeth, you can impress future employers and exude the confidence you have within.  This innovative process continues to improve the lives of many patients and you can be next.

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