Dental Implants vs. Removable Dentures

Dental implant's patient enjoys his new smile with his daughter.Do you suffer from tooth loss? Are you having a difficult time choosing between dentures or dental implants? Ponder no further people, the answer is here. Dental implants are not only the most convenient and practical choice out of these options, but also and most importantly they can last until your final and freshest breath. The outstanding reputation that dental implants have earned when it comes to the durability and longevity of maintaining overall dental health and protection speaks for itself.

In comparison to removable dentures, dental implants reign supreme. You have to remove dentures at least a few times a day, worry about losing or misplacing them, or even worry about their “lasting” condition with some chips and “bruises” along the way. The beauty of dental implants is that they will never move, you will never have to worry about losing them, and they even keep your teeth straightened for you! Obviously we have a complex relationship with our teeth; if we treat them nicely, they will take care of us. Although the upkeep is not quite as extensive with dental implants, the same rule applies if you are looking to keep these perfect for the rest of your life; the nicer and cleaner you keep them, the longer they will last and preserve their elegant luster.

One fun fact that you probably did not know is that dental implants have been successful in repairing missing teeth since 600 A.D., by the Mayan civilization; granted they used limited and creative materials such as seashells and different carved stones, like jade. Imagine how much that hurt… Luckily for us, in 1952 the complex fusion of titanium to the jawbone, otherwise known as osseointegration, was discovered on accident by an orthopedic surgeon. Since then, dental implants have been, to date, the most successful and practical choice in dental restoration.

Now, we finally get to the good part where you learn how you can start this process today. Your first step forward toward dental implants is your easy one- on- one consultation with the dentist to decide if you are suitable for the dental implant procedure. If you are not eligible at that time, the doctor will schedule a bone graft (fancy word for bone transplant) for you in order to make the dental implant process a prudent and convenient reality.

The next step will be the dental implant surgery in which the titanium roots are planted gently into the jawbone. For the next few relaxing months the process of osseointegration will ensue and slowly the fusion of titanium to the jawbone will form.

Once this process is complete, you will be ready for the final tooth restoration. You will be astonished at how beautiful and realistic the tooth replacement is and how great the smooth and soft porcelain will look and feel in your mouth.

The last, final, and best step, is to go show off your new and gorgeous smile to the world! You will feel like a new and improved version of yourself and you will wonder why you had not started this process years ago!