Dental Implants for Diabetics

Dental implants can osseointegrate in diabetics.Diabetes is a disease that affects blood sugar levels and can cause health complications such as liver and kidney failure, heart issues (strokes), vision, foot ulcers, etc. One of the most noticeable effects is on the mouth. Bad breath is a common ailment for diabetics and it is due to decay of the teeth. In addition, diabetics will often have missing teeth which can cause a weakening of the bone underneath. If a jawbone becomes weak, oral function will decline, making it difficult to eat nutritional foods such as meat. Dental implants have been helping patients with missing teeth for many years now and a new study shows that diabetics can successfully heal dental implants to enjoy the same benefits.

Better Oral Health for Diabetics

According to Dr. Thomas W. Oates Jr. of the University of Texas Health and Science Center in San Antonio, dental implant patients can successfully osseointegrate dental implants into their bone tissue without failure. In his study, he states that he “failed to identify any associations between elevated blood sugar and implant failure. Past studies have claimed that diabetics cannot heal dental implants if they have poor blood sugar control. Diabetes can affect bone formation, increase the risk of infections, and compromises the healing of wounds. In many cases, diabetics can develop comorbidities (a condition where a person develops two chronic diseases). Although diabetics are faced with more challenges in healing dental implants than non-diabetic patients, it does not mean that a diabetics should not undergo implant therapy.

In Dr. Oates, study he explains that past studies failed to examine their subjects in an sufficient amount of time for the dental implants to heal. He also points out that there was no comparison between non-diabetic patients and diabetic patients to analyze healing differences. Dr. Oates extensive research is viable and thorough. Dr. Oates has dedicated his life to the study of implantology and its relationship in diabetic patients. He also teaches periodontics at the University of Texas Health and Science San Antonio.

Dental implants can offer diabetics oral health, which will help alleviate many complications associated with diabetes.  Dr. Oates even suggests that implant therapy may be the best option in helping diabetics control their blood sugar levels. The importance of oral health is crucial to the health of our whole bodies, and if poor oral health persists, it will infect the rest of the body. Many diabetic patients experience progressing health issues due to the state of their oral health.

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Dental implants are a wonderful system that allows patients to re-strengthen their oral anatomy and promote oral health. Diabetic patients can now undergo dental implant therapy with assurance in their treatment. Healing dental implants in diabetic patients takes time and patience, in addition to diligent maintenance and cleaning to prevent any additional complications.If you have any furtehr questions regarding dental implants, then please contact us to schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation today. We look forward to hearing from you soon and getting you on the path to a healthier smile.