Your Bright Future With Dental Implants

iStock_000019263657XSmallDr. William Griffin is here blogging today from Newport News, VA to explain why dental implantation is the leading tooth loss solution in the dental industry. Compared to dental devices that claim to help patients have a better bite, dental implants can provide patients missing a tooth or teeth with a natural result that actually work to restore their oral and dental health.

Dental devices like dentures and dental bridges claim to offer positive options to patients with missing teeth, but recently dentists have realized that they are not as natural or helpful as we had anticipated. Dental bridges require the filing down of the neighboring teeth in order to ensure a perfect fit in the patient’s mouth. When the teeth are violated and filed down, the enamel is eroded which causes teeth to be more susceptible and vulnerable to decay, infection and cavities. The worst part of this is that once a patient’s enamel has disappeared, they cannot do anything to get it back. Once teeth are more prone to decay, they are more likely to fall out if neglected for a long enough period of time, which is what the patient got them for in the first place.

Dentures are not much better and can cause destruction in the gum tissue and teeth. As patients remove the “convenient” dentures from their mouth and re- place them, they never seem to fit quite as perfectly as they did in the beginning. Some patients even try to use glues to keep them in place but this just adds to destruction of density in the bones. When the dentures slip out of place, the gums move with them. Gum tissue that is weakened becomes loose and will begin to sag, bleed and recede from the teeth. Anytime patients have open spaces between the gums and teeth, their tooth roots are exposed and extremely vulnerable to bacterial infections and decay. If the patients do not get this taken care of in a timely manner, they could lose the tooth or teeth altogether. Dentures require a replacement set at least every 5- 10 years which means another payment must be made at some point in the future; when the dentures become too uncomfortable to bear. Dentures are not a wise solution to long- lasting replacement teeth compared to dental implants for these many reasons; save your remaining teeth today with dental implants.

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that work to restore bone density and gum tissue, and can even help patients avoid gum disease. These are comprised of materials such as titanium alloy that cannot even physically decay, but patients must still make sure to care for their dental implants. One of the greatest advantages of dental implantation is the comfortable and permanent fit they provide for patients. As long as the patient cares for the implants as they would their actual teeth, they can literally last a lifetime. Through a process called osseointegration, the dental implants are naturally accepted as a functioning and real part of the oral system once the process is finished. This allows the mouth to accept the implants as real teeth and can help patients to achieve a natural and complete bite that takes the stress off of the teeth and jaw. As the dental implants continue to function as real teeth in the mouth, the gum tissue is able to heal and repair itself over time while being protected from infection and disease. Dental implants are the number one tooth loss solution in the industry because of their work to restore patient’s oral and dental health for years and years.

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