Don’t Let Bad Oral Hygiene Ruin Your Life

歯が痛い男性Not only does extreme periodontal disease look and smell disgusting, but it can lead to some seriously deadly consequences. Eating poorly and not taking proper care of our teeth after, could be detrimental to our heart, breathing ability and physical health.

As we all know, developing diabetes comes mostly from eating unhealthy food that is not good for our gums or teeth, which eat away at our enamel and eventually ruin our teeth down to their root. You would not think having a “sweet tooth”could hurt you but it can potentially ruin your general health and especially your dental health. After reading that you probably want to go buy a giant, luscious, green apple and devour it down to the core, and we’re not stopping you.

As a direct result of this neglect, people with extreme periodontal disease are found to be twice as likely to suffer from coronary heart disease. This is due to the bacteria that forms in the mouth, then travels down the heart, through the bloodstream and links onto our blood vessels like a leech. This causes abnormal blockage that results in massive blood clots that can potentially lead to a heart attack. All it takes is the very powerful, yet gentle bathroom tool known as the toothbrush to help put these threats to bed, but some people refuse to treat their teeth the way they should.

And last but definitely not least, gum disease can even increase your chances of getting respiratory infections in your lungs which could eventually lead to serious and deadly pulmonary diseases. Our mouth, specifically our periodontal pocket, contains thousands of toxic bacteria that puts us at risk of pneumonia, bronchitis and other serious lung diseases. If we do not maintain and clean our periodontal area on a consistent basis, the bacteria builds and spreads down the lungs, putting us at risk of these deadly diseases.

Scared yet? We are.

We do not even like to think about such horrific things, which is why we got into this field in the first place. As real as those depictions may seem, the true reality is that there is a way to avoid all of it. The answer is two simple words: dental implants.

Dental implants have the ability to avoid every single one of these health scares by simply helping to prevent decay, further decay or cavities. Now, we are not saying yo u no longer have to take care of your teeth anymore; you must always take on the important responsibility to care for your teeth as much as possible. But, by getting this easy procedure done you can avoid experiencing the pain and agony of peritonitis, along with any other diseases it may summon. In addition to wiping away your worries, once the procedure is finished, it will be much easier to maintain your oral health and hygiene.

If you have not paid the extra special attention to your teeth that you should have and you think it is too late, call us today to set you up with an appointment immediately. Don’t take your teeth or your health for granted ever again.