About Dr. William T. Griffin, DDS in Newport News, VA

Dr. Griffin
Dr. Griffin

Dr. William T. Griffin is one of the most well- established implant dentists in the state of Virginia, with years of cosmetic experience and advanced dental education. His mission in life is to add as many healthy and beautiful smiles as he can. He first opened his practice on the Virginia Peninsula in 1983 and since then has spread his contagious and infectious spirit to his staff and patients all over Newport News, VA. When he is not helping people love their smiles again, he is with his wonderful family or skiing, reading and traveling.


Dr. Griffin graduated from University of Notre Dame, as well as completed a doctorate of dental surgery at the Medical College of Virginia; here he also taught pediatric dentistry.


  • Christian Dental Society
  • American Dental Association
  • Virginia Dental Association
  • Peninsula Dental Society
  • Christian Medical-Dental Associations

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For patients that are looking for a caring and involved doctor for their dental implantation procedure, Dr. Griffin can offer you genuine and personalized treatment with his God- given creativity and talent. This type of nurturing dental care runs in his blood as his father, brother, sister- in- law, and brother- in- law are all dentists. Dr. William T. Griffin can offer you excellent tooth care, treatment experiences, and assistance throughout the processes. Contact us today to schedule a one- on- one appointment with our beloved Dr. Griffin to find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants. We can be reached at 757-873-3001

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